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It’s election time again and PCS needs the Democracy Alliance’s proven leadership more than ever, so we are asking for your continued support.  

A strong union is our first line of defence as we face an unprecedented attack on our jobs, conditions and services from the government’s cuts and privatisation programme.

Together we have defeated the government’s attempt to destroy our union by withdrawal of check-off (deduction of union subscriptions from wages).  PCS has emerged financially sound and even more determined with recruitment to PCS increasing by 30% in the past year.

The Democracy Alliance NEC has put PCS to the forefront of the opposition to cuts by campaigning for an alternative to austerity based on tax justice job creation and investment. We will continue to defend you at work in every way possible and ask for your vote based on our experience, priorities and our record.

Our priorities are:

- Oppose the pay freeze. For fair and equal pay.  

- Build united coordinated campaigns with other public sector unions in defence of pay, jobs and services.  

- Defend jobs, services, conditions. 

- Defend the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.  

Fair staffing levels to deliver services.  

Oppose office closures and all privatisations and off-shoring.  

- Fair pensions for all.  

- Improve conditions for call centre members.  

- Build on PCS’s important contributions to green issues  

- Strengthen and build the union in our commercial sector areas  

- Challenge discrimination, lack of childcare facilities, unfair sickness rules. Equality for all.  

- A welfare state that delivers for all.  

- Campaign for our Alternative to austerity.  

- Build a financially strong, democratic, inclusive, member led union based on workplace strength.  




President - Godrich


Vice Presidents

Brown, Heathcote, Holbourne, McHugh



Albert, Baker, Bryant, Cavanagh, Crane, Dennis, Dunne, Ferguson, Grant, Green, Hall, Harney, Jamieson, Leopard, License, Lloyd, McFadden, McInally,  Maguire, Merry, Morrison, Owens, Paillard, Pope, Roder, Udwin, Watts, Wesley, Williams K, Williams P


Remember to post your ballot paper by the 9th of May.



WMD provides workers an opportunity to come together and remember those who have been killed and injured at work.  And today PCS members round the country came together to pay their respects. 


The slogan for the day is “Remember the dead – fight for the living”, and with this year’s theme of “Good health and safety for all workers whoever they are” I want to draw attention to the inequalities in access to occupational health and the role unions play in narrowing that gap.


It has been found that workplaces that have union safety reps with an active health and safety committee, have half the major injury rate of organizations that don’t have these structures. 


Safety reps play an enormously positive role in society.  In 2016, research found that safety reps in the UK saved between £219 million to £725 million by reducing lost time caused by injury and illness. 


And for me, the role of union safety reps is ever more important, as we face the threats of deregulation and Brexit – it means that unions and their safety reps are at the frontline of workplace safety. 


According to the International Labour Organisation, across the world around 6,000 workers die every day.


That means more people die every day whilst at work than those fighting in wars, or from terror attacks. 


So in the Trade Union Movement we want to emphasize the need for strong regulation at a national, European and global level. 


We need to address the issue of companies benefitting from a lack of health and safety standards, and we must push for access to Occupational Health care for all workers.  And that includes addressing mental health issues. 


We need a commitment to strong health and safety regimes from the UK Government to the European Commission; and a strategy to raise standards throughout Europe. Brexit or no Brexit.  


Workers’ Memorial Day is incredibly important as it encourages us all to not only reflect on how far we’ve come, but also recognise how much more we need to do in protecting and supporting workers. 


So I ask everyone in the run up to the general election, to challenge candidates about workers’ rights, and commit to protecting and improving our H&S system.



Paula Brown

PCS National Vice President and Chair of the HSE National Branch

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